The colour of betrayal.

I’ve always wondered what colours different emotions would be. I think there are ‘official’ ones e.g. green represents envy…etc. I’ve heard the psychology of colour is a thing, and it’s used in marketing and advertising, but I guess I’m talking about more personal experiences. Also the temperature and general process of describing feelings are more intriguing to me than the label given to them, so please bear with me for this short explosion of my mind.

Recently I’ve felt betrayed more than anything: I chose to believe someone who has feigned sincerity and openness many times. He betrayed my trust and that of the girl he claims to have been pursuing or is currently in a relationship with. Several times he has lied to me and taken advantage of my forgiving nature, or naivety, I guess. It makes me so angry, at him and at myself. I feel so incredibly stupid.

For me, the feeling of betrayal is red; it’s bold and it’s harsh, akin to painting relentlessly on a huge white sheet of paper, as if you’re painting a whole room red.

The feeling of betrayal is warm. It’s a dull pain in your chest; it’s a dull pain in your throat. It’s like simmering lava in a dormant volcano.

I want to believe you, I do, but I also want to ask you to go fuck yourself.

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