Nobody else is here

At 23:06 I felt that something was wrong and that I was truly beginning to feel sad again for no reason, it wasn’t just a mood swing.

At 23:20 I tried to distract myself by trying to pleasure myself, but it just hurt. I couldn’t focus at all; I stopped.

At 23:38 I laid in bed naked, not knowing whether to text back to someone or not. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to interrupt.

At 23:47 I texted one of my closest friends and my ex to say that I was feeling very sad, neither of them replied probably because they were both busy, or just absent.

At 23:59 I am still in bed naked, my whole body shuddering because of my crying, no sound came out except for the chaotic inhales and exhales. Nobody else was there.

The last time I started crying in bed naked was on the morning of the 26th of February. Nobody was there for me then, and nobody was here for me tonight.

At 00:08 I am writing these exact words, wishing there was a warm body next to me, holding me and telling me that everything will be okay.

Nobody else is here.

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