Review: Zootopia

Man I completely forgot about this ahaha! I watched Zootopia pretty much right after it came out in the cinemas, and I’d just like to say that it was great.

I’ve seen SO many critics, reviews, posts and comments comparing Zootopia to Inside Out, and God is that annoying. They are different films! Stop comparing them! I can understand someone comparing generic and over-cheesy rom-coms with each other, or even the occasionally predictable and mediocre action movies (with shitty character development, might I add) with each other, but come on.

Inside out was about psychology, emotions, and importantly, how a teenager dealt with the conflicting and overwhelming emotions and feelings that she experienced from moving away from her home town. On the other hand, Zootopia is about animals living and operating like in a human society, and how we shouldn’t judge people by their covers and stereotype people (well, animals)!  GAH!

Okay first of all I have to say that I really really liked the fact that Judy wore her earphones IN HER EARS. YAY. For SO many years animators have not bothered to make animated characters wear ear/headphones properly, they just wore them on their FACES. WHY?!

Oh I should also mention that my favourite part of the whole movie was when the hamster businessmen ate their pawsicles. It was so adorable. :D

Now that I got that out of the way I can talk about Zootopia properly haha. I liked it! It was fun, it was funny – I mean, the sloth, come on. His face changing from emotionless to a sleepy smile to a “——hhhhhaa!” was great. Zootopia presented the audience with some incredibly endearing and lively characters such as Nick and Officer Clawhauser (the fabulous cheetah who loved his donuts). With its plot being driven by a classic detective story, it talks not only about discovering our inner strengths; defeating our self-doubts and external obstacles; working towards our goals and dreams…but also offers some great messages, like how we shouldn’t hold prejudiced views of groups of people and generalise. We shouldn’t be too quick to judge people, or judge people at all! This world is not black and white and bad people do not have ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ written across their forehead. I mean, maybe you guessed who the baddie was before the big reveal – I did have my suspicions – but I thought it wasn’t painfully obvious and the story was great. The message was great and so was the humour and the characters. I liked it! :D

Side note: that’s one of the things I disliked most about Aesop’s Fables – the stories may have been created with the goal to educate children, but they’re just so unrealistic. The world full of dark and treacherous people and not everyone will be lucky enough to get help, or be able to tell good from evil…Aesop’s Fables were over-simplistic and dull, imo.

Anyway, I know this is a rather short review and it’s super late, so I do apologise for that. In case you haven’t seen Zootopia (though I really highly doubt it), go watch it online or buy a DVD or something!


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