The last few days I spent in Kent reignited my passion for music and momentarily reminded me of how wonderful sweet music and harmonies are, how lucky I am to have the friends I have, and what happiness felt like.

I’ve always loved music – listening to it, talking about it, learning about it, playing it…everything. My love for music is probably the one thing that has never changed throughout life. In an ideal world where I wouldn’t have to be responsible adult, or perhaps better put, if I could choose any job I wanted I would be a musician. I would sing in a band and just gig, tour and make music and meet people. You may ask – why aren’t you doing that then? Well firstly, I’m surrounded by music-lovers and incredibly talented musicians. When you get to a certain level you start realising that some people are just naturally talented and they were just born to do something and you’re not. Obviously there are people who can accomplish a lot just because they are hardworking and they really really want it, but I’ve also come to learn that although I love music I guess I didn’t want it enough to give my everything for it. Or maybe it was some other reason that held me back from pursuing my dreams (to be honest there are probably several reasons) but yeah my point is that I know I don’t have what it takes. Of course, it still brings my immense joy to listen to music and make music, but I can always do it on the side for fun so it’s okay :)

I was recently involved in The Graduate, a play put on by The D Word Company. This theatre company was created and led by Lizzie Jay, one of the most talented, genuine and incredible singer/director/human-being that I have met. The cast and tech crew were also all incredibly talented and really just a pleasure to work with. I was lucky enough to be invited to play Simon and Garfunkel songs on the violin for it during the scene changes, and man was it fun. Here I should also say that I had this opportunity because of the music director of the play Leo Kelly-Gee (whom is also an incredible guitar player, singer and a wonderful friend of mine). He was such a good leader and musician and the performance would not have gone so well without him. It’s people like this – so talented but nice and humble, that make you realise they are the people to move forwards. Of course I don’t think anyone should ever stop pursuing their dreams. It’s a sad life to live without a goal, aspirations or dreams; these can be to protect the ones you love, to find love, to find a nice chilled place and open a cafe, whatever. But no matter how difficult the path is, we should all work and strive towards doing things we love, after all, life is about the process and the journey not the product/destination.

Helping Leo out with his EP just made my week on top of my involvement in The Graduate. It took so many hours but when we got to listen back to the harmonies in the recording studio I could not contain my excitement for when his EP comes out and just the feeling of pride really – that we made something that sounded beautiful.

I think everyone can create something beautiful, you just have to find it within you what you want to create and persevere. For a long time I felt discouraged about the future, but I think I have come to realise now that even if I can’t end up as a touring musician or whatever, it doesn’t mean my dream is dead. It doesn’t mean I won’t be happy anymore. There are many ways to be happy and sometimes you just have to keep yourself open to all the different options.

Never stop believing in yourselves, those around you and that support you, or your dreams.

Link to Leo’s soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/leokellygeemusic

and to Lizzie’s twitter: https://twitter.com/lizziejay3

in case people want to check out their stuff :)

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