Recently there has been a lot of revelations. By this I mean that I have had several (or even many) conversations with different people about mine and their relationships with other people, feelings, expectations and such. Because of this, the stress of my dissertation as well as my over-worrying and me over-complicating the study materials, these past couple of weeks have been an emotional one. However, what I mainly want to say in this post is that I truly wish everyone around me, and those people out there in the world, genuine happiness. Often in life there will be obstacles, hardships, disappointments and you may get hurt, but never be disheartened. Never let these things defeat you. Especially when you open your heart and show your true self and vulnerabilities to someone else, it really sucks when it ends up hurting you. Some times these people may not mean to hurt or disappoint you, but that’s just how things are in life. Unfortunately good things don’t always happen to good people and you may not end up with who you like. Even if you share the same feelings with another person and they appreciate and reciprocate your love, the time or the circumstances may not be right for it. However, I believe that things could work if you tried. This may not necessarily mean a long-distance relationship, or being persistent – it is about finding a balance. This ‘balance’ may be within you, within your system of feelings and expectations, or the relationship with the other person/people. Obviously I know this is easier said than done, and this ‘balance’ will mean different things to different people but I think these things are achievable if you try. Don’t give yourself too much pressure – IT’S OKAY TO BE NOT OKAY

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and keep everything to yourself. Perhaps this is how some people deal with bad situations but my view is that if you keep all these negative things inside yourself they will just keep building up and eventually you will explode! (not literally…at least I hope not!) All I mean to say is that it may be nice to share it with someone, ask for a hug or maybe write these things down somewhere, or even express them through creative ways like songwriting or painting or interpretive dancing! But after falling down we should, and must, get back up on our own two feet. The luckier ones amongst us will have friends and family to help us do so and we should remind ourselves to be appreciative of these people who help us along the way. So thank you, friends and my family! :)

I believe that the future can be a better place, and the power, is in your own hands. The future may seem a bit dim, the world lacking in colour, but hey, summer is approaching and there are beautiful things around you to be appreciated. Give yourself a pat on the back. Take a deep breath and take a break if you need it. Allow yourself to have some fun and just pick things back up at your own pace when you are ready.


Picture taken inside of Casa MilĂ , Barcelona 2014

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